Friday, February 7, 2014

Passin On Dat Liebster Goodness

Ok, so let me be honest guys, I wasn't quite sure what this whole Liebster-thing was about.  I was obviously flattered to be 'nominated' by two people (thank you, Yasmin and Justine), and I definitely enjoyed answering their questions...but I was still sitting here wondering What exactly is this whole Liebster Award thing??  SO, I obviously took to Google to solve the mystery that is Liebster.  The website I found with the most in-depth description is here (thank you, Lorraine!)  But if you want a quick summary: it's basically just a way to pay it forward to fellow bloggers to hopefully promote their blog and show them support.  

Ok, now I'm speaking directly to the people I nominate to do this activity.  First off, thank you all for reading this post if you're unfamiliar with my blog.  According to Liebster 'rules' I'm supposed to ask you to 'follow' me.......that being said, I don't know if all of you will even want to follow me, hah, but if you do, I invite you to follow me on here, YouTube, Bloglovin, or Instagram!  Pick your poison!  I know some of you already follow me, so you can just ignore that plea ;)

So basically, I'm down, I'm diggin it, now let the paying it forward begin!  
I ask the following people to answer the eleven questions below:

1. What's up?  Seriously, what's happening right when you type this?
2. How did you come up with your blog name?
3. What is your favorite part about blogging?
4. Least favorite?
5. What's the very first outfit you can remember wearing?
6.  What's the last makeup product you bought?
7.  Did you have an 'awkward' phase growing up?  Describe it!
8.  What's your all-time favorite movie?
9.  What're you wearing as you type this? (how creepy does that sound, hah)
10. It's the weekend, do you go out, or prefer to stay in?  Why?
11. What's your all-time favorite song?

If you're looking for blogs to read, I encourage you to read any of those I've nominated above!  Thank you as always for reading!  Hope you all have a spectacular night!


  1. How are we answering these questions? On your blog or ours? Gosh I neglect my blog. It's pretty sad.

  2. Hey Darcie! Ok, so I know I already commented back on IG, but I wanted to put it on here too in case anyone else I nominated needed to know - what seems to be the trend is to create a new blog post on your own blog and answer these questions THERE. Also, within the post, you link back to the person who nominated you so that it helps network their blog to your readers. Again, this is only if you all want to do it! - I won't hold you to it, but I definitely found it kind of fun to do and liked the idea of spreading the love, hah.


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