Thursday, August 29, 2013

SHE SAID - 7th Grade Magic

7th grade - the magical year I was allowed to start wearing makeup to school.  This was a BIG MOMENT for me.  As I mentioned before in a previous post, I've loved makeup from a very young age, but up until 7th grade I was always playing with makeup.  This was the real deal - I was growing into a young lady...ok, ok, let's be honest, I didn't really blossom until about four years later, but you get my point.  

My mom knew this moment was special for me, so she made a big to-do about it - we ventured to the department store to get my first 'real' makeup.  Fancy, huh?!  I remember approaching the makeup counter, and I swear - I swear - it had a heavenly glow around it and I heard angels singing.  (Ok, maybe that was just the fluorescent lights and music coming out of the ceiling speakers, but let's not go spoiling my glory).  My greedy fingertips quickly found the dozens of eyeshadows that were on display as samples.  I tried to keep my cool and downplay how excited I was, but I can distinctly remember thinking makeup shopping and swatching colors was the absolute COOLEST.THING.EVER.  Funny thing is, fifteen years later testing out makeup is still one of the things that makes me happiest in life!  After a bit of swatching, mom allowed me to get three things: 1) pressed face powder, 2) blush, and 3) a duo eyeshadow of neutral browns. We then went and got clear mascara to keep with the don't-over-do-it-you-are-only-twelve theme (smart parents).  

I carried my shiny new powder compact around with me 24/7!  Bringing out that jade green piece of plastic in public was like a badge of honor for me.   Wearing makeup made me feel pretty-and knowing it was department store makeup-now THAT made me feel sophisticated (ohhlala).  Like I said, my parents had me keep it very natural and basic for starters, so it wasn't until 8th grade when my previously inner makeup-explorer made its outward public debut....don't worry, I'll tell you alllllll about that in another post.

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