Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SHE SAID - Makeup Journey

Take a journey with me down memory lane...a makeup journey.  It's probably one of the worst best memory lane strolls many of us could make!  

White Eyeliner - Many of my fellow makeup lovers probably know that white eyeliner can be extremely useful!  I use it almost daily to brighten my inner corner or rim my waterline.  However, in 8th grade, I hadn't learned those nifty lil' tricks yet.  I just used it as normal top-of-the-lash-line eyeliner.  As you can imagine, it looked a bit...odd.  

Not-Exactly-A-Wing-Eyeliner - Yes, yes, another eyeliner mistake.  Years before I comprehended what winged eyeliner was, I was apparently attempting to do it.  Kind of.  All I would do is take a black eyeliner and draw it out past the end of my lash line--just straight out--there was no triangle/wing shape, it was literally just a singular line.  In 10th grade, a boy said to me "Why do you draw those lines on your face?"  I think that was the last day I ever did that.

Black Eyeshadow Blobs - In high school, I remember thinking if I added a bit of black to any makeup look it would make it more dramatic.  I'd do a lighter color on my lid, then just pop some black in the outer corner with my finger.  Looking back, this would have been fine if I'd just blended out the black into a gradient instead of a blob.  But who knew eye makeup brushes existed?!?!  Not this girl!

There, I've told you some of my embarrassing stories...anyone else willing to spill?

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